Serious Gaming


GameConnect has GameServers located in the Netherlands, Europe with high speed connections that have the following specifications:

- Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU
- 8Gb Memory
- Dual Gigabit network cards

Every server process we run has been optimized for speed and security.

Reserved Slots – VIP

This basically means that you can always connect to our servers, even when they are full.

The easiest way to connect to a full server is to open the console and typing:


Which for example will connect you to our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server.

In-Game Admins

A selective Group of Administrators has been assigned to admin all gameservers.
They have the right to remove a player in case of problems or cheating.

For a list of all gameservers and statistics click here.


Across all gameservers we have an active Banlist, when a player gets banned, he/she will be banned automatically across all servers thanks to the use of Sourcebans. You can find our Banlist over here.