GameConnect is an online magazine and community dedicated to a passion for games, on all platforms and systems. Next to that we have also been a game studio (creating all kinds of HL2 based mods and Nuclear Dawn) for quite some time. For us, games are more than a passing fancy: they are the most popular form of entertainment of the decade, and many of the people involved in making GameConnect a reality are long time enthusiasts and game developers. GameConnect is part of TechConnect, a company based in the Netherlands active in ICT and Online magazines since 2001.

Covering news and reviews for all things Steam, Xbox, Playstation, Mac, PC, Mobile, Portable and Toaster (for when they finally manage to put games on toasters so that you have something to do while you wait for your bread), we look for great games and love to tell you about them.

We’ve been doing this for a while. The original GameConnect was founded in 2004, before evolving into the massive SteamFriends community, only to return to its all-inclusive roots in 2010, reborn as the new GameConnect.

We love playing games, and discussing them with our friends: why don’t you join us?

The GameConnect Logo

The GameConnect logo was created in 2004 by TechConnect. While the GameConnect logo is currently not a legal trademark, we do allow external websites to use it in reference to The logo has seen many incremental “polish” updates, but remains the same branding. For banners and logos to use for your website visit our Logos and Banners page.

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