Our very own Jeroen aka Xanthi has recreated the map cs_compound for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Counter-Terrorists: Inside this remote industrial compound, terrorists hold three captives: scientists with critical information on America’s secret weapons program. They must not be harmed!

Terrorists: Your cell of liberation fighters are interrogating three top scientists abducted from America’s secret weapons program, when word comes that your location has been compromised. Special Forces are at the gates!

The GC edition features extended routes to improve balancing of the overall map with a brand new tunnel system that might come in handy when lots of players join the map.

The Installation is very simple:
Extract files in common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive directory





– Added 3dskybox
– Added/fixed soundscapes (used stock soundscapes to avoid users from downloading extra files)
– Added a bit more detail throughout the map
– Added more cover in underground tunnel
– Tweaked lighting a tiny bit, including a subtle layer of fog
– Moved t-spawns on catwalk to avoid bots getting stuck on it
– Added additional clip brushes
– Fixed invisible walls
– Fixed a few wrong texture alignments
– Improved prop fade distances
– Updated bot nav mesh
– Fixed console errors
– Fixed several small issues throughout the map


– Removed hostage shack back entrance

You can download the map from our Downloads page.