Team17 and Mouldy Toof have issued a warning to all inmates. The award-winning sandbox prison escape game The Escapists is busting out and heading to PlayStation 4 on the 29th May / 2nd June for the US!

The award-winning sandbox prison-escape game features 6 uniquely themed prisons to escape from. Escaping won’t be easy though. You’ll have to work around the strict prison schedule and avoid the unwanted attention of guards!

You’ll need some cash to put your plan in to action. Get a prison job or perform favour requests for your fellow inmates to earn those vital funds. You can then use them to barter with traders for tools and crafting supplies. Just make sure you find a good hiding place for your stash and pay attention during roll call to avoid cell shakedown, you wouldn’t want to lose that coveted shovel you’ve worked so hard to gather and craft!

Once you’ve tried your hand at all 6 prisons, you can even try to escape from one of the most famous prisons in the world with the Alcatraz DLC prison! Many have tried to escape, many have failed. Now is your chance to add your name to this list of ‘famous’ escape attempts as you try and escape from one of America’s strongest prisons.

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary has been rebuilt in The Escapists. Master the daily routine, plan your strategy and execute your very own Alcatraz escape! It’s Make or Break Time.

The Escapists will be available to download on PS4 on the 29th May for just £14.99 / 17,99  €. While US PlayStation fans will be able to get their hands on The Escapists on the 2nd June for just $19.99. The Escapists Alcatraz DLC prison will be available on launch for just £1.99 / 2,49 € / $2.99.