Render System has announced a new puzzle first person 3D game Underground Keeper, developed for the PC. Underground Keeper is an unconventional game taking place below the ground. A pickaxe, a lamp, a map and a limited amount of explosives will become your companions. The game is strongly inspired by the game Mine Sweeper.

At the beginning of each level, the player needs to examine his close surroundings and to dig into the wall carefully until you see an indication of danger, expressed by a number. The number determines how many dangerous places are located around the spot the players is standing at. For better orientation, the player can use a map, which shows the position of the player and indications of danger. The gradual exploration of the underground uncovered warnings that help accurately locate walls full of mines and help disactivate them with the help of explosives. After the task is over, the player must find a portal through which he can exit the level.

During the game, the difficulty of the level increases. First, the player starts in tiny rooms that are relatively simple and mainly contain only a few hazardous locations. With increasing difficulty, the size of the underground increases, along with the number of hazardous sites and mines. Big fans of the principle of mine sweeper games come into their own on the level of advanced and expert.

The Render System also launched a campaign on Steam Greenlight, where they compete for the favour of the players.