Games simulation specialist UIG Entertainment is proud to announce the worldwide release of Forestry 2017: The Simulation, which is now available on PS4. Previously released onto Steam, Forestry 2017 takes you on an exciting business venture in the woods!

Featuring realistic woodcutting equipment and machinery, your task in Forestry 2017 is to become a professional woodcutter enjoying the challenges of the woodcutting industry. Learn to operate and master the tools of the trade and have fun driving ultra-cool harvesters, tractors and trucks. Use your trusty old chainsaw to cut down trees and have your logging horse tow the timber away!

Get rich by selling wood and use profits to expand your operation. You can play in 1st and 3rd person modes and the game comes with four types of trees for further processing. Choose your incoming orders and adjust the production cycle where needed. Included is an advanced and unique character levelling system and extensive worker management. Featuring great graphics, a realistic environment (including day- and night-cycle), aspiring entrepreneurs should download today!