So these days we have been playing Counter-Strike: Go more and more. The latest updates to the game have brought some cool additions and some people of our community have been asking for a 32 player public ‘non competitive’ casual server.

So that’s what we did….. as of now we have a 32 player Tickrate 128 CS:GO Public Casual game server back up and running thanks to our friends at Maps like Italy, Dust 2, Compound, Downtown, Museum, Assault, Ruins, Piranesi and many others have been added to the map list. And we use a statistics page with very handy info to track statistics of all players, which you can find on:

If you have suggestions for maps to be included, please comment on our workshop map list.

To sum things up and to get an overview:

  • CS:GO Public server is live on: (GameConnect EU CS:GO Public [i3d])
  • We add maps through the workshop:
  • Always listen to the [GC] Admins when playing
  • Rank, stats can be found on: type rank on chat for the info.
  • Quake sounds can be disabled/changed in-game by typing: !quake in chat.
  • The server is max 32 players (Tickrate 128) and has 2 reserved slots for admins and mods
  • At the end of each map a vote will show up where players can vote for the next map

Enjoy! 🙂