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    All our gameservers are ranked and tracked through the gameME system.


    gameME Stats brings exciting competition to our gameservers by integrating realtime statistics. A comprehensive Livestats-View tells you everything about the current situation on a gameserver in realtime. You can even view player statistics live through our web interface.


    You can simply go to: http://www.gameconnect.net/statistics/ to check the rankings.


    Point Calculation


    A new player has 1000 points. Every time you make a kill, you gain a certain amount of points depending on a) the victim’s points rating, and b) the weapon you used. If you kill someone with a higher points rating than you, then you gain more points than if you kill someone with a lower points rating than you. Therefore, killing newbies will not get you as far as killing the #1 player. And if you kill someone with your knife, you gain more points than if you kill them with a rifle, for example.


    When you are killed, you lose a certain amount of points, which again depends on the points rating of your killer and the weapon they used (you don’t lose as many points for being killed by the #1 player with a rifle than you do for being killed by a low ranked player with a knife). This makes moving up the rankings easier, but makes staying in the top spots harder.


    For a full overview of the points you may go here.

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