Mobile games developer company HeroCraft has just sent us word that an updated version of Boulder-Dash, the exciting and challenging action-puzzle-dexterity game originally released in 1984 for Atari 8-bit computers and is recognized as one of the best loved retro games of all time, is now available on the App Store in the form of Boulder-Dash XL.

Boulder Dash-XL features 100 caves of frantic robo-mining fun in 5 game modes including puzzle, retro and arcade .You can play either as mining robot Rockford or Crystal, and, just like the good old times, dig, dynamite, push and puzzle to the exit as fast as you can while avoiding a variety of weird monsters. The game also  includes telescopic arms for remote manipulation of objects; teleporters and numerous new enemies and features.

You can Boulder Dash-XL now for $2.99 from here.