During Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight prototype jam, in which the gaming public get to vote on the game they make next, the developer unveiled Brazen, a co-op brawler that combines the combat style of Monster Hunter of Monster Hunter while paying homage to the early stop-motion films of animator Ray Harryhausen.

“Growing up with my Dad, he really encouraged my imagination through watching those movies with him. All those mythical creatures and beasts in those films are just awesome,” Brad Muir who who previously worked on Double Fine’s Iron Brigade, explained. “There’s this weird, other-worldly quality in them that’s missing from modern day CG and video games. I don’t feel there’s enough of the craftsmanship that goes into making that stuff.”

A prototype version of Brazen has been added to the rewards of Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight, where you get to vote from 23 prototypes created by studio members. Signing up to the Amnesia Fortnight (you can pay what you want) gets you access to the four most voted games, plus prototype versions of Brazen and earlier games Costume Quest and Happy Song (the game that would become Once Upon a Monster).