Paradox Interactive has announced the release date for Impire, the upcoming dungeon strategy game developed by Cyanide Studio Montreal, set to arrive on Windows PC on February 14 for $19.99.

The main protagonist in Impire is Bjal-Abaddon,a demon imp who’s out to regain his once-great status with your help. Bjal-Abaddon can “evolve into a powerful dungeon lord” while you customize his weapons and armor, build a dungeon and kill crusading heroes attempting to take down your army of darkness. Not all of it takes place underground, however, as Impire also lets you send raiding parties to the surface for loot. The story mode boasts both single-player and co-op multiplayer, and Paradox will later reveal a four-player mode.

Paradox is now taking pre-orders for Impire at Two pieces of bonus DLC will be granted to players who pre-order Impire, including the “Creatures of the Night” pack, adding new fearsome monsters to their underground armies and the “Black and White” pack, granting new in-game skins to their Imp – a sinister, pale white, or the darkest shade of black.