Codemasters have today officially announced that Grid 2, the sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, Race Driver: Grid, is in production at Codemasters Racing Studios and will be released sometime in 2013.

“GRID’s back and we’re going to make street, track and road racing exciting again,” said Clive Moody, Executive Producer. “The core design philosophy for GRID 2 is that we treat the race as a character, not a consequence of simply putting cars on tracks. Everything that goes into the game impacts on that second-to-second, in the moment, blockbuster drama – the feel and personality of the race.”

With Grid 2 Codemasters aims to raise the gameplay and technological bar for motorsport gaming and promises to bring new standards for a racing multiplayer experience with “an entirely distinct and extensive gameplay component and unique progression system”. One of the new features in the game will be the TrueFeel Handling System will use real physics and an advanced AI where each spectacular race unfolds with cinematic immersion.

Grid 2 is in development for the Xbox 360 the PS3 and the PC.