What makes the experience in Unmechanical even more pleasant are the music, logic and memory puzzles and the upgrades our cute robot hero receives, making it able to swim in underwater areas, making things even more creative.

Speaking of areas, these are another field where Unmechanical really shines. Talawa Games proved that they are a very creative team and even though the game takes place in underworld environments you’ll navigate in beautiful designed areas blending technology with biology, ranging from, advanced technological facilities to an are that look like a giant mouth, and probably is.

In terms of controls Unmechanical is quite simplistic; you use either the arrow keys or the keyboard to move your floating robot left, right, up and down. Although you don’t have any weapons, by using the spacebar you activate a tractor beam of sorts that you use to complete objectives.

Unmechanical will take you about five hours to complete, depending on your experience with these kind of games. While there is some re-playabilty value as the game has two endings to discover,


Unmechanical is an enjoyable and clever game that even though it moves in familiar ground it brings variety of different types of puzzles and solutions. In some cases a puzzle has one solution; in others, there could be multiple ways to progress. There is no text, and no voices. Only incredible visuals, simple sound effects and some atmospheric background music.

Although the story isn’t obvious and deep, there is one there if you take your time and pay attention to what is actually happening and because there is no time limit you can take as much time as you want to explore the world you are trying to escape from. The game’s world is so strange you don’t know what’s in the next room. Furthermore the game’s simple controls make the game easy enough to pick up for any type of gamer.

All in one Talawa Games created an very good game game that will appeal to any gamer bcause of its beautifully crafted moments, which could be one of the best indie puzzle games in recent memory if it lasted a bit longer and didn’t end so unexpectedly.

Unmechanical is available in various digital retailers including, Steam and GoG for a well worth  price tag of 9,99 Euros.

Gameconnect Rating:7.0