Paradox Interactive has announced that War of the Roses, a gritty medieval third-person team-based melee combat game set in 15th century England, has officially launched on Steam and other digital distribution platforms.

Developed by Fatshark and inspired by the historic 15th century English civil war of the same name War of the Roses is about the fight over the throne of two rival branches of the Royal House of Plantagenet – the house of Lancaster (the reds) and the house of York (the whites). Gamers will be able to choose one of two sides and go toe-to-toe with their opponents using authentic and visceral weapons of the time period including broad swords, long bows and battle-axes.

In War of the Roses players will be able to create their truly unique characters as they can choose from over 30 play-style changing perks with special abilities like eagle eye or shield bash, and also choose from over 30 authentic weapons across 10 weapon categories.

War of the Roses features both online multiplayer ( up to 64 player competition in both Team Death Match and Conquest modes through 7 historically inspired war zones) and a deep single-player campaign. Players will get the chance to lead their knight through a progression system, gaining upgrades and unlocking new content on their path from filthy peasant to unstoppable armored killing machine.

Those interested can purchase War of the Roses for 29,99€  from here.