The Indie Royal game bundle which brings a great catch of indie games at a fraction of their original price have just announced that the Fall Bundle, led by hit RPG To the Moon, along with the graphically gorgeous Oil Rush and critically acclaimed adventure Blackwell Deception , is now live.

The first game up in this bundle is RPG/sci-fi adventure game from Freebird Games To the Moon. In To the Moon you take control of two doctors: Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts. The game is not about them, however; it’s about Johnny, an elderly man drawing his last few breaths. Eva and Neil have been hired to give Johnny one last chance to fulfill his dream of flying to the moon. To do so, they enter Johnny’s mind and manipulate his memories with a special machine devised for this very purpose. Each chapter in the tale reveals more about a dying man’s life and further unwraps the mystery of his greatest desire: to visit the moon. The game will remind you of  films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Memento, and Inception.

Next up is Oil Rush from Unigine a game that offers the strategic challenge of a classic RTS with the sheer fun of Tower Defense, alongside a gorgeous custom game engine. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world that’s completely covered by water, where the limited oil that’s left on the Earth is fiercely sought after by the remaining factions of humans who have survived. Gamers Play a young commander who is tasked leading an aquatic army to conquer bases to acquire oil, units and defenses by carefully allocating your troops to attack your strongest enemies while defending the platforms you’ve conquered.

Also featured is adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games, Blackwell Deception. The fourth game focuses on Rosa and Joey again and takes place some time after the third game. Rosa has turned her abilities into a job, investigating supernatural incidents while working with Joey who has been entrapped in an afterlife of helping spirits move onto the next world. While part of the Blackwell series, Blackwell Deception plays well as a standalone game offering excellent voice acting, witty dialogue and interesting characters.

Included in this Fall Bundle is a unique audio-visual sequencer that takes the structure of a color-matching puzzler – AVSEQ from Big Robot. Separated into 9 standalone sequences, this game offers a musical tapestry and trippy visuals. The goal is to trigger a set number of notes before time runs out by matching colors and over time building a song.

Last up is Populous-inspired world-shifter Reprisal from Reprisaluniverse. This RTS is based on playing god and ultimately conquering the most land. Enjoy many enticing special powers (fire towers, lightning strikes and swamps) only to be torn apart when multiple tribes take over your lands; your goal is to build up your previous glory by fighting back. As you conquer lands, your people will rebuild.

And those who pay $8,00 or their currency equivalent during the Fall Bundle will get a great fantasy electro 8-bit album from Makeup and Vanity Set: ’88:88′, a $9 value on its own. You can purchase the Fall Bundle from here.