2Dawn Games have just revealed that Ravaged, a multiplayer vehicular FPS set upon a post-apocalyptic earth devastated by natural disasters, is now available for purchase on Windows PC. Also released today is a free playable demo compatible with the retail version, enabling demo players and retail players to compete in the same matches.

Ravaged tells of a struggle between the “Resistance” and the “Scavengers” as they fight for vanishing resources, disputed territory, and their very survival. The Scavengers are a powerful and ruthless band of murderous savages whose only goal is to take every last inch of land and every resource for themselves Their success is certain unless someone rises up against them. The Resistance is the world’s last hope against the Scavengers and humanity’s only chance to restore civilization. Both sides offer 5 unique classes, each with its own specific weapon load out.

“Ravaged is a post-doomsday shooter that sets itself apart from the competition with brutal kills, gorgeous graphics, a wide variety of weapons and vehicles, and a pace and flow that ensures matches are enjoyable bouts of controlled chaos,” said Brian Harvey, director of strategic partnerships with Reverb Publishing. “It has the best assortment of features catering to the PC gaming audience that is continuing to show its support for the resurgence of first-person shooters on the platform.”

Ravaged can be purchased from Steam, Rain Digital Games, 2DawnGames, GameStop, Gamers Gate, Origin, and GameFly.