Aussie indie studio Epiphany Games and publisher Immanitas Entertainment have revealed that Frozen Hearth, an action packed title that mixes RPG, action RTS and traditional RTS, will be released on PC on November 29th.

Frozen Hearth takes place on the planet Amorra and tells the story of the Danaan’s fight for survival against the bloodthirsty tide of supernatural ice monsters known as The Shangur. The game is split into three acts of 18 missions in total that can be played alone or with a friend in co-op. Gamers can play either as the warlike Danaan, or the bloodthirsty Shangur in various multiplayer options with both local network and online modes and PvP.

You can pre-order the Frozen Hearth now from Gamers Gate which will net you an exclusive downloadable soundtrack and digital art book all wrapped up in a 10% discount from the original price of $24.99.