All in one, Botanicula even though it is not as compelling as Amanita Design’s previous title Machinarium, it is more accessible and full of surprises, bringing great graphics, beautiful colors and unique creatures, and a superb soundtrack, elements that manage to bring soul in this arty game.

 The whole gaming experience takes off when you play the game with your headphones as you completely immerse yourself in Botanicula’s masterfully created world. The music is perfect for the game, as are the sound effects.

What might keep some gamers away from Botanicula is the lack of in game explanation and its relatively short duration, even so its relative low price and unique gaming experience make this title one of the best point and click adventures to come in the last couple of years. Botanicula is a game that will make you feel better by its own existence. Once you play it you’ll wish this world was actually real. A a great game for all ages.

Those interested can purchase the game from Steam and for 7,99 Euros. We strongly feet that Botanicula is worth every penny you’ll spend.

Gameconnect Rating: 8.9