Stu Maxwell and his team at Hollow Tree Games have setup a new Kickstarter campaign for Shape of the World, which is an exploration game, where a rich and colorful world grows around you. Your presence is the driving force behind the procedurally populated environment as you establish permanent monuments to mark your journey.

Shape of the World builds on the ideas of experiential games like Journey, Flower and Proteus where health hearts and kill points don’t enter the equation. It’s an evolving world that grows with each step and hints at distant landmarks, encouraging you to delve deeper into the woods. Shape of the World offers a unique unfolding experience for those seeking an alternative to quest-driven adventure games.

The team is hoping to get a $75,000  in 30 days so they can release the game in Summer 2016 on PC and exclusively on Xbox One. Checkout their Kickstarter page over here.