Crywolf Digital has released a free version of ‘Bloody Aliens’, a game for iPhone and iPad. The game now includes a brand new upgrade system, new weapons, updated gameplay, Gamecenter and much more. Bloody Aliens is a cartoon style, over the top arcade game set in a space with a lot of cartoon gore and lot of whacky weapons. It’s a fast paced, skill based game where player has to learn quickly in order to progress and unlock new weapons.

Spin planet Earth using swipe motion whilst using many different goofy weapons, like the giant Gatling gun or continent sized bouncy castle, each designed to annihilate four adorable but vicious species of alien. At the beginning, casual players will get a chance to get to grips with the game’s simple controls, however it isn’t long before you will be exposed to Bloody Aliens’ intense gameplay, which requires lightning reactions and an excellent ability to prioritize incoming threats in order to survive.

Compete and compare yourself to other players on a global leaderboard of alien killers and fight for a position at the top. ‘Bloody Aliens’ aims to deliver a thrilling, addictive and goo-soaked experience.

You may get the game over here in the Appstore.