Independent game developer FRACTiLE Games released an update to their 2.5D shooter game Lockdown Protocol and announced that the game has gone Pay What You Want on

This update fixes a major issue with Intel HD Graphics, adds one more single player level and brings important gameplay improvements including much better interaction with physics-based objects.

Lockdown Protocol is a score-oriented 2.5D shooter/platformer game with multiplayer support and built-in level editor. The game has been in development for over five years and is now available on Windows and Linux PCs.

You are a lone scientist in a research facility on automatic lockdown. Fight your way out, collect bigger weapons on the way and blast your enemies into pieces! Beat the high-scores in single player levels or challenge your friends to a multiplayer deathmatch!

– Smooth old-school shooter gameplay in platformer environments.
– 26 single player levels to play and compete for the highest scores.
– 7 multiplayer levels for brutal deathmatches.
– Local split-screen and network multiplayer support.
– Built-in level editor for creating your own levels.