Edge Case Games, creators of the space game Strike Suit Zero, today launched a major update for their tactical space MOBA, Fractured Space. Code-named “Frontline” and now available on Steam Early Access, the update delivers a brand new Frontline game mode focused on high-speed, straight ahead fleet combat between the game’s giant capital ships as well as two new ships and over a dozen new ship skins. Edge Case Games also released a new trailer for the update.

The new Frontline game mode takes place in a single lane, offering a very different experience than Fractured Space’s traditional multi-lane tactical fleet combat. In this mode, players are assigned to random ships with a Frontline Loadout at the start of the game – with ships selected from the full roster in the game regardless of what players have unlocked. In Frontline mode, aggressive play is recommended – if the countdown timer reaches zero the game enters Sudden Death with no respawning meaning once a ship is taken down it’s knocked out of the match and teams can quickly be whittled down!

The update includes a host of other new features, including the new Displacer and Overseer ships. The USR Displacer is a tactical support craft specializing in conflict zone control by manipulating enemy positions. Its primary weapon can push enemy ships like a tugboat, allowing them to be pushed into the line of fire. The Overseer from manufacturer Zarek Industries is a sniper ship with a single huge cannon.

Checkout the Steam store page over here.