Presented by We are Dream Harvest, a small distributed team currently developing Failure for PC/Mac/Linux.

Failure is a Real Time Strategy game that takes the RTS core, blends in elements of Tower Defence and Collectable Card games, along with some unique mechanics of our own, to bring you a fast paced tactical experience unlike any other.

You play as a Slicer, a VR hacking specialist, and you are tasked with retrieving information from the NeuroNet and gaining territory for your chosen Faction. This is done by using your Library of Scripts to manipulate the NeuroNet in battle with other Slicers or the NeuroNet AI to affect how your Units behave.

You do not have direct control of your Units, they behave in response to your manipulations of the NeuroNet.

The team says that the aim is to release Failure for Early Access Q2 2016.