With the release of the Insurgency update today, the developers are pleased to announce that the community mod project, Day of Infamy, is compatible with the default version of the game and will no longer require players to opt into the beta branch.

Day of Infamy (“DoI”) is an open-ended World War II total conversion for Insurgency, founded by New World Interactive and expanded upon by Insurgency’s modding community.

DoI was revealed via their Twitch livestream only ten days ago. Since release, the mod has over 60,000 subscribers and numerous community members have already begun creating new maps, weapons, and other content for the mod. The mod’s first community-made map – Landfall, created by Chief-C – is being added to the mod with today’s update.

The team has been overwhelmed by the surge of popularity from the launch, and are very excited about the future for Day of Infamy. With the mod being available to a larger audience, they have created the infrastructure that allows modders contributing to the project.

You can play the mod by simply subscribing on the Steam Workshop over here.

Down below the full changelog:

New Gameplay
·         New map: Landfall
·         Expanded Multiplayer:
o    Landfall: Invasion, Push, Skirmish, Occupy and Firefight
·         Expanded Cooperative
o    Bastogne (Day and Night): Outpost, Conquer
o    Landfall: Checkpoint, Conquer
New Weapon Content
·         New 30 and 50 round extended magazine upgrades for Thompson M1928A1. The weapon now defaults to a 20 round box magazine. Drum magazine is restricted to Officer and Support classes.
·         New foregrip attachment for the Thompson M1928A1.
·         New Stielhandgranate model and animations.
User Experience Improvements
·         Created voting images for maps.
·         Team chat will now properly denote teams as “American Army” or “German Army” instead of “Security” and “Insurgents”.
Map Changes
·         Bastogne:
o    Added truck at A push to provide German forces with a bit more protection when approaching the objective.
o    Added a few more bushes throughout the map for cover.
o    Improved fog transition from playable level to 3dskybox.
o    Replaced some dev textures that were visible for the player.
o    Players can no longer hide inside the back of a convoy truck.
·         Dog Red:
o    Improved cover by the right flank up the hill.
o    Improved the right path leading to the rear bunker.
o    Optimized performance past the road.
o    Added new particle effects in various areas.
o    Modified beach bunker floors to force German team to stay close to the edge.
o    Fixed other miscellaneous issues.
Community Credits
·         Landfall map created by Chief-C.
·         Stielhandgranate art created by TKAzA.

More on the official Steam store page.