Loygame, an online platform providing free browser games, is thrilled to announce their open beta for its new strategy RPG, Star of Heroes, begins at 7 a.m. GMT. on April 20, 2016. Players are welcome to be a part of the open beta testing at soh.loygame.com.

Star of Heroes is a hero-collecting tactical RPG web game that allows players to battle creatures from other factions and enjoy the fun of evolving their heroes power by equipping their team with an array of weapons and armor to become the ultimate heroes of the planet.

Users may battle their way through challenging stages to win gold, summoning new heroes into their collection by collecting hero fragments, enhancing their heroes’ power, and upgrading skills or weapons by leveling up or using special runes. Players can also prove the power of their team by defeating other players in the Arena. All of this does sound cool, but Star of Heroes also has a story to tell.

Warfare seems to be endless in the land of Star of Heroes. Heroes have no choice but to unify as a “Sentinel” or as a “Scourge” as they fight for daily survival before a greater evil emerges to threaten everyone. There are over 40 heroes for players to collect and control in this game. All the heroes have diverse personalities. And each has a unique skill.

The player is allowed to dispatch only five of their heroes at a time as a team combats enemies from other factions. The player, as the commander, needs to find the right strategy to maximize team power and unleash full hero skills to deal some pretty massive damage to enemies. Win or Lose, the tactics the commander applies will define the outcome of the warfare.

Any newer browser with Adobe flash version 11.4 can get a player into the action today. The beta will continue for the upcoming weeks and will reward players who come to play early before final release in the next few weeks.