Too Tidy Games is proud to present GunKinger Bonanza, now available on Apple TV app stores worldwide. This new game created and published by Too Tidy Games, is made exclusively for Apple TV and the Siri Remote. The game is a fun and relaxing experience for up to 4 local gunslingers, using the Siri Remote to aim the six-shooter and the touch surface on the Siri Remote to handle the gun with swipes / tap gestures. The player will have to aim and shoot from the hips like a real wild west gunslinger, and develop the sense of feeling the target hit point instead of simply aiming.

With stunning 3D graphics, artistic style and gameplay, GunKinger Bonanza is a really fun experience to compete with friends and family on the big screen. There are 3 game modes and an easy option for the younger players. Everyone that plays the game will increase the common gold stock and with 25K in gold a bonus game will be unlocked.

The special ammo like shotgun-bullets, explosive-bullets and TNT-barrels extends the games replayability. The special ammo can be earned for free or purchased within the game. The dynamic character reactions and animations in combination with settings as gold-fever, bandit-bullets and wind-strength, makes for a real entertaining and unique gaming experience.

You may find the game by going to the Appstore on your Apple TV or clicking here.