Curve Studios’ fast-paced stealth platformer Stealth Bastard will be following their recent publishing projects Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this summer. The PlayStation version will feature updated HD graphics designed to get the most out of Sony’s hardware.

The studio is also running a naming competition in which participants can submit suggestions for a new, less profane moniker for the game. The entrant who makes the winning suggestion will receive a PlayStation Vita console and a copy of the game once it is released, and will also be credited in the final versions.

Managing Director Jason Perkins commented “Our talented and experienced team is working its magic on this conversion, and I think Stealth Bastard is a perfect fit for PS3 and Vita. We’re really looking forward to showing off the game’s fantastic new graphics.”

Jonathan Biddle, Stealth Bastard’s creator, added “I’m waiting with bated breath to see what sort of suggestions we get in the naming competition.  Letting the community name your game could be seen as a courageous move, but I’m confident our fans can think up something great.”

The competition can be entered at and will run until 14th April.

Stealth Bastard Deluxe, described as a cross between Metal Gear Solid and Super Meat Boy, is divided in eight chapters, with 80 levels in total, charting the adventures of the protagonist, as he runs, jumps, scuttles and slides through the facility in a bid to escape his fate.The Deluxe version will feature new gadgets, new levels, new enemies and new traps. The game also comes with a revised editor, allowing players to experiment with their own set of traps to create fiendish levels which can be shared globally.