Jagged Alliance Online will be heading to Steam late-April as a free-to-play PC title, but first it will undergo a massive overhaul. Cliffhanger Productions has been listening to the reactions from players since initially releasing the online-focused sequel to the turn-based tactics series, and the developer is reworking nearly every facet of gameplay.

Highlighted changes in the Steam release include, Improved F2P model, total class, weapon, and armor rebalance, better PvP maps, improved mercenary and gear rules, action and point rebalance.

Jagged Alliance Online is the latest entry in the classic, long-running franchise of tactical, turn-based strategy games. You hire and train mercenaries with the right skills, arm your squad with the latest weaponry and armor, complete over 80 single-player missions, and battle rival mercenary companies in three PvP modes or compete to win one of the regularly unlocked warzones with your alliance.