DICE has send over a press release announcing that the highly-anticipated action blockbuster Battlefield 4 will be available on the the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the PC on November 1st 2013. Battlefield 4 will also be available on the next-generation hardware systems, the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4

Those who pre-order Battlefield 4 will receive the Battlefield 4 China Rising premium digital expansion pack at no additional cost. In this DLC you will fight for dominance across the vast and majestic Chinese mainland in four massive multiplayer maps, using all-new vehicles and high-tech military equipment. Separately, players that pre-order the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe exclusively on Origin will receive the base game, bonus in-game digital items, the Battlefield 4 China Rising digital expansion pack and access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta.


Powered by the technology of DICE’s proprietary Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 4 promises to be a seminal moment for the Battlefield series as more award-winning, multiplayer game design elements are incorporated into the single-player campaign. In single-player, gamers will experience huge environments, a playground of destruction, access to an arsenal of vehicles and the ability to direct squad mates. Taking a page from the social aspect of multiplayer gaming, the single-player mode will now track players’ progress, adding an element of persistence and friendly competition to the campaign.