One of the most genuine spy vs. assassin games, SpyParty, is now in open beta for those who pre-order the game. SpyParty is a one-on-one, live Turing test with strict rules, where one gamers plays as an assassin and the other as a spy who has infiltrated a party. The spy must complete a number of missions within a given time limit, and the sniper must identify and kill the spy with one shot before these missions are completed.

“This is it, finally! The SpyParty Early-Access Beta is now open to everyone. No more signing up with your email and waiting years for your invite. No more watching streams and Let’s Play videos but not being able to play yourself. Now anybody can join right now, and be playing in as long as it takes to fill out some web forms, visit PayPal,and check your email.


I will eventually write something really awesome here, about all the cool stuff I have planned for the game this year like more maps and missions, spectation and replays, and more, and how friendly and helpful the community is for new players, and even the plan for getting the new artwork in, but right now, I’m about to collapse from exhaustion, so you get this slightly lame paragraph of meta instead”, developer, Chris Hecker, stated.

Those interested can register on the SpyParty website, and pay $15 for early access to the beta. A secondary option is also available for users who wish to donate $50 or more to the project and have their name entered in the game’s credits.