Paradox Interactive and Behold Studios announced today that Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition, the PC port of the the hit meta-RPG Knights of Pen & Paper, will launch on the PC on June 18th. The game can be pre-ordered for $9.99, and there is a premium Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Digital Deluxe Edition for $14.99 which comes with plenty of extra loot.

Knights of Pen & Paper is an indie turn-based retro style pixel-art RPG inspired by the great titles of the 90′s. Players control players in-game at the dungeon master’s table – going on adventures with other tablemates and spending their gains to boost their warriors and mages while simultaneously improving the quality of their snacks, gaming table, and sourcebooks.

Working closely with Behold Studios, Paradox has helped to level up the game and optimize its build into a min-maxing beast, including new features such as a tavern, dungeon areas, a longer campaign, and plenty of new unhealthy snacks for the players’ in-game players.