Klei Entertainment, best known for Mark of the Ninja and the Shank titlee, has announced its next project, which will be a “turn-based espionage game” titled Incognita. Klei co-founder Jamie Cheng stated that the game would be procedurally generated, and would have some resemblance to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, except while Firaxis’ game is “ten percent information gathering and 90 percent positioning,” Incognita will be the reverse.

Cheng stated, “The idea behind Incognita is, we want information to be power. We want information to be a very key part of your experience.”

Just like Klei Entertainment did with Don’t Starve, Incognita will be playable during development. “People are gonna be able to play it early while it’s still in development (and offer feedback),” explained Cheng. “Don’t Starve ended up a way better game because of the community.”

Incognita will be a PC/Mac OS game, with iOS and Linux versions also considered.