Mad Catz Interactive have announced that Combat Pilot, a multiplayer flight simulator developed by Mad Catz’ internal ThunderHawk Studios, will be launched this summer.

Built using the Microsoft Fight Simulator 10 engine Combat Pilot introduces multiplayer, military aviation and combat operations to the realistic world of flight simulation, where simulation enthusiasts from around the world can train, fly, fight and interact together.

“The planes, airports and missions found in Flight Simulator 10 are completely separate from Combat Pilot,” Mad Catz explained. “Combat Pilot is focused on combat aviation and utilizes its own aircraft, bases and missions.”

“We believe that Combat Pilot will prove to be an important destination for the flight simulation community to gather, interact, and share experiences,” said Mad Catz exec Darren Richardson. “Mad Catz’s Saitek brand and flight simulation is an important part of our company’s culture and Combat Pilot will allow the flight simulation community to come together and interact as never before.”

The Combat Pilot website lists the game for sale at $49.99, which includes an initial month of play time.