Rise of the Triad version 1.5 arrives today, bringing with it Steam Workshop integration, which means more great maps like this remake of Doom E1M1 and this remake of Hollywood Holocaust and all this Goldeneye goodness.

Players can create maps, share maps, and tell better stories than anything involving MOON WIZARDS OH MY GOD GAME OF THE YEAR MOON WIZARDS all in the sweet, loving embrace of Gaben, Praise Be His Name.

Rise of the Triad is free to play on Steam from 10am today to 1pm Sunday (all times Pacific Time or Valve Time) and is 75% off during that time. The classic, original Rise of the Triad (1995) is ALSO on sale for 75% all week long as part of the Apogee Throwback Pack which includes 4 great Apogee games for the Old School PC Gaming Crew.

Find out more, visit the Steam page here.