London Studio, a game development studio of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has released their brand new Singstar on October 26 for Europe and yesterday finally for the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. The new version has a completely new interface, works on both PS3 and PS4 and brings some new features to the game….. and that’s where the problems start aswell. Cause you would expect a new version to at least include some of the ‘old and cool’ features that made the game so amazingly awesome to play.

After the release, almost 2 weeks ago, users started to complain on the Facebook Singstar channel, Twitter and the Singstar forums. The complaints not only were about features missing but also lots of songs not available anymore, that people bought on the previous Singstore. In some cases, users lost about 70% of their tracks. The Singstar team picked this up and replied with: “We are working on it and this will be fixed soon”. After about a day or two, most of these problems seem to have been resolved but still a lot of other things are missing from the game.

Since no other website or magazine has written anything about this, we thought it would be time to actually show you what the ‘fans’ of the game are currently writing and what their problems are.

Singstar features that are missing from the new version and some annoying bugs:

  • Party Mode (Battle team vs team) is missing completely (which was one of the coolest things about Singstar),
  • Duet Mode (Before, each player could sing different parts of every song, now you are forced to sing both at the same time),
  • Game crashes (Sometimes right in the middle of playing a song on PS4),
  • Lots and lots of tracks not available still (for PS4 at least) that were available on PS3,
  • No new songs available for PS4 owners (only on a disc, called ultimate party),
  • When going to My Pins, it shows songs that are not available (at least on PS4),
  • Microphone volume is very low, some people can’t even hear themselves at all, even when turning up the mic volume as high as possible
  • The new microphone on your mobile phone feature is pretty cool but disconnects a lot of times
  • Singstar mobile app, the order of songs within a playlist can be changed by anyone who is on wifi.

These are the most discussed topics that players come up with on social media and are still not really being answered to by Singstar. We have tried to contact the team for feedback aswell, but so far …. nothing.

We love the new interface, we love the better loading times and we definitely love the new phone app, but now Singstar just needs to pick up the couple of things that are left out and make the game as good as it used to be. Cause we all love some Singstar 🙂