StarGem and Gaijin Entertainment’s epic free-to-play MMO action game, Star Conflict, receives a major content update today with the introduction of Dreadnoughts, a powerful trump card in the fight for dominance of the galaxy. Other exciting content additions comprise of new quests, locations, two new alien types and more. To celebrate this huge update, players can purchase all in-game shop packages at a 50% discount for the next three days.

Starting today players can engage in Dreadnought craft combat in outer space PvP battles. These goliath sized spaceships come complete with interstellar firepower in addition to their immense size and strength, providing a massive presence in tough enemy battles. Although Dreadnought battles are available solely for corporations, solo players can also join the battle as mercenaries, defending a corporation that is under attack.

Corporations can choose from three types of spaceships available:

  • Maelstrom – imperial Dreadnought model equipped with strong weaponry that deals higher damage to the enemy Dreadnought

  • Liberator – federation Dreadnought that has powerful attack drones able to deal significant damage to the support fleet of the enemy Dreadnought

  • Nemesis – built by Jericho Techs, this defence spaceship has powerful shields able to withstand attacks for a longer period of time

The construction of a Dreadnought is divided into four stages: building a shipyard, assembling the skeleton, mounting an interstellar engine and, finally, mounting the guns. All clan members must collect iridium, the primal construction element of the Dreadnought, since the building process is very costly.

“The introduction of the Dreadnought class with its sheer size and dominance creates an epic scenario for the intergalactic warfare that Star Conflict players crave”, said Stanislav Scorb, CEO of StarGem Inc. “The most powerful corporations have already started building their Dreadnoughts and are almost ready to join the battle, so wait no longer and start the construction of your Dreadnought now and take out the enemy”.

Dreadnought Order Of Battle

  • Since construction is time-consuming, additional supply of iridium can speed up the process.

  • Even though only the leader or his deputies can initiate the building of a Dreadnought, all clan members may visit the clan’s shipyard in order to oversee the construction process.

  • After the building process is over, Dreadnoughts can be improved with new guns and elements to enhance their capabilities.

  • ‘Sector conquest’ mode now takes place in outer space, available only for corporations in possession of a Dreadnought, therefore having it is imperative to dominate the galaxy.

  • The winner of a conquest battle will rule a sector and collect its profit until another corporation conquers it.

In addition to new Dreadnought craft, the update also includes 300 new and improved quests in Invasion mode, new locations (three of them alien, reachable by players through special portals), and two new types of aliens are introduced: Predators and Scouts. Nevertheless, purging enemies has become slightly easier, with the introduction of new battle technologies. Finally, 17 PvP maps have been added to outer space and are available in both PvP and PvE modes.