Project Lodus, the Cyberpunk Co-op Action RPG developed by Leviathan Interactive that we recently presented you in the 5 Kickstarter games you should keep an eye on feature, has managed to pass its funding goal of $50,000, just 2 hours before its Kickstarter campaign comes to a close.

Project Lodus takes place in a world called Lodus that is home to many advanced civilizations. A group of friends discover the remains of an advanced civilization hidden underneath their so-called utopia. With the help of an eccentric old man who is more than he seems, four kids venture below the surface and unearth the long-lost secrets of an underground world riddled with technology, the likes of which no one they know has ever seen.

As the game moves forward, we will see each of them grow up, mature, and be affected by the events unfolding around them. By the end of the game they will talk differently, act differently, and absolutely look the part of a seasoned, battle forged badass.