Developer Reality Pump (Earth 2150, Two Worlds 2) have today announced that Iron Sky: Invasion, a game based on the cult science-fiction comedy film Iron Sky, which tells the story of Moon Nazis invading Earth, will be released on November 30th on the PC, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

 “I’ve always known that Iron Sky needed a proper video game around the franchise, one where the whole complexity of the world of Iron Sky could be examined,” says director Timo Vuorensola, who admits being an avid gamer himself. “I’m happy to announce Reality Pump’s involvement, as the world of Iron Sky – one we’ve cherished and nurtured for years – is now in the capable hands of an experienced, quality-driven game studio.”

Iron Sky: Invasion puts the player in the pilot seat of defending Earth from a sudden Nazi invasion – from space. Gamers have at their disposal a variety of experimental, secretly manufactured space fighters, and are tasked with keeping these Moon Nazis off our beloved Planet Earth.

Iron Sky: Invasion is powered by the Grace2 engine which promises to deliver beautiful graphics, high-speed battle sequences, and the ability to show the game in stereoscopic 3D for all players with 3D TV’s and monitors.