Publisher bitComposer Games have today announced that Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, the sequel to Air Conflicts: Secret Wars created by Russian developers Games Farm, is now available for pre-order on Steam.

In Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is a flight simulation with strategy elements game where players can fight on the side of America or Japan in locations including Midway, Pearl Harbor and Wake Island. The game is focused on aircraft missions during WW2 that are started from aircraft carriers, and contains a total of 4 aircraft carriers, 21 battle ships and 12 aircrafts. Instead of individual aircraft, here the player can control entire squadrons and switch between them during the mission.

Those who pre-purchase Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers on Steam will get the game for 10% off and receive Air Conflicts: Secret Wars for free. While those who already own the predecessor will Save 33% of the game.