Nihilumbra, the acclaimed iOS puzzle platformer where players must modify the environment using different elements to navigate the levels and avoid hazards, is coming to PC and Mac via Steam’s Greenlight, indie developer Beautifun Games has announced.

The PC/Mac version of Nihilumbra will introduce gamers improved atmospheric and weather effects, new HD textures, an improved and fully remastered soundtrack with a new song, and minigames.

According to Beautifun Games Nihilumbra for PC/Mac will not be released until they manage to polish the game’s its controls and they are happy with them. “Our goal is that the player has a good feeling when adding colors to the world. You will be able to paint using the mouse and move Born using the keyboard and we will add some shortcuts also. All tutorials and menus will be redesigned and adapted to PC version”, the developers stated.

Those who want Nihilumbra on Steam can vote on its Greenlight page.