Toylogic Inc. have today announced that Happy Wars, an action-packed free-to-play multiplayer experience offering a colorful comic-book art style, and accessible class-based combat is now available on the XBLA.

“With Happy Wars, we saw an opportunity to introduce the Play for Free model to millions of Xbox 360 owners that might not have experienced it before.” said Yoichi Take, Happy Wars Game Director. “We designed the game to be fun and accessible for everyone right from the start, so I hope players really enjoy themselves.”

Happy Wars offers three player classes (warrior, mage and cleric) and gamers will be able to take on their enemies in a variety of battlefields including grasslands, lava fields and the ocean floor. The game offers cel-shaded action for up to 30 players at a time, in 15-vs-15 player fantasy combat , and players secure victory by occupying towers, attacking the enemy castle, and generally wreaking havoc using the 27 unique skills in the game. Happy Wars also features an offline mode with a campaign full of solo missions.

Xbox LIVE Gold Members can grab a copy of Happy Wars for free from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace today by visiting