Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developed by Frogwares have today unveiled Magrunner, an action/reflection game based on the use of physics and magnetism.

Developed on Unreal Engine 3, Magrunner transports players into the near future, where technology will confront the world of Cthulhu, a strange land filled with strange creatures imagined by H.P. Lovecraft.

The game takes us in 2050, at the heart of the Magtech competition, a grand tournament organized to promote a new technology based on magnetism, for which you and 6 other brilliant competitors have been selected.

With the latest invention the Magtech glove, you can load objects with a positive or negative charge. Two items loaded with the same charge will attract each other, while two items loaded with different charges will repel. Upon mastering these simple mechanics you will be able to progress along the game, solving puzzles by studying your surroundings, testing possibilities and analyzing their effects.

No release date has been revealed. What we know for now is that Magrunner will be released on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE and PC.