Basilisk Games, Inc. today officially announced the development of the third and final game in the Eschalon trilogy: Book III.
“It feels great to be able to announce that we are developing the final game in the Eschalon trilogy” said Thomas Riegsecker, CEO of Basilisk Games. “Although we’ve never hidden the fact that we’ve been working on it for some time, we can finally unveil a bit of the game to our fans who have waited so long to hear more about it. Announcing Book III on the fifth year anniversary of Book I’s release just felt appropriate.”

According to Basilisk Games Book III brings the series to a climatic end as you seek to uncover the mystery of four powerful gemstones and your clouded past. No experience with either of the first two games, Book I’s release in 2007 and Book II’s release in 2010, is needed to enjoy this final chapter in the Eschalon saga.

Eschalon: Book III is being developed for Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers and is currently scheduled for a Summer 2013 release. A more specific release date will be announced on the Basilisk Games website early next year.