Arcen Games has released a trial version of A Valley Without Wind 2 giving you the chance to try out this sequel developed for PC and Mac. There are some limitations of course as you cannot play past turn 20 or level 3 in any given world until you purchase a license key.

A Valley Without Wind 2 promises to be a complete re-imagining that takes the best ideas from the first game and takes them to the next level. There will be completely new enemies; at the moment, 120 have been designed and are scheduled for art and programming, new procedural generation methods, a new citybuilding game that ties everything together, and tons of other improvements.

According to Arcen Games, gamers will be able to get both A Valley Without Wind and A Valley Without Wind 2, for the price of one, whenever they buy either one. You can dowload the trial version of A Valley Without Wind 2 from here. A beta for Valley 2 is also available on Steam.