The Free Bundle, an indie bundle organized by The Cabrera brothers, the developers of Cypher, is now live and is offering 5 games available for download at the price of none.

“We want to give real indie developers a chance to show their work,” the brothers explain on the Free Bundle’s website. “It seems the definition of indie game developer has… changed over the last few years. Today, we see guys with big offices, several published games (some even by Sony or Nintendo) and ten, twenty employees call themselves indies and we slowly shake our heads. See, we [feel] that while these guys are small devs, they are not exactly “indies” anymore.”


In the Free Bundle you’ll find games like Nitronic Rush from Team Nitronic, Ascension from Magnesium Ninja Studios, Celestial Mechanica from Roger Hicks and Paul Veer, Iamscared from Ivan Zanotti, and Abobo Big’s Adventure from Team Bobo.

You can visit the official website for access to the games available for download.