Remember that awesome game we developed back in 2011? Well, Nuclear Dawn has just got a small optional server update, thanks to our very own Psychonic, with the following changes:

– Fixed issue with wall regeneration causing walls to require a single high amount of damage to destroy them when nearing low health (rather than continuing to accumulate damage).
– Fixed a crash that could occur when selling Sonic Turrets.
– Fixed a crash that could occur when R.E.D.s detonated.
– Fixed an exploit that could allow instant class/subclass changes when not near an armory.
– Fixed Poison Command Ability not dealing damage in affected area.

Additionally, the Authoring Tools have been updated to fix a crash issue when running the game in -tools mode.

Thank you to yed of NDix for assistance in identifying causes of some of the issues and helping test fixes.

More info in the official Steam thread over here.