The fast-paced, co op Platformer Super Paperman is looking for funding at Kickstarter to launch 4 player madness at Pc and consoles. Super Paperman is offering fast-paced 2D gameplay like old Sonic games mixed with mechanics like wall jumping and racing on multiple racing tracks within different 2D layers. The result is a beautiful hand drawn 2D game which sometimes breaks out of the 2 dimensional view.

The story and character of Super Paperman is described as followed: “The hero in this game is called Paperman, a tiny guy made out of, surprise, paper! His job is to deliver one person´s dreams to another, making him some kind of dreamful mailman. But this tiny dude´s world is in danger: The dream world starts to drift apart, leaving our lightweight hero lost in rifts! Are you going to help him fix the dreamworld and bring people back their dreams? But one Paperman alone might not be enough to fix the tears torn into the magic world, so grab three of your friends and glue it back together as a team! Or be quicker than your partners and take all the credit!”

Kickstarter link:

The team behind Super Paperman is looking for an initial budget of 35.000€. Stretch Goals include an original soundtrack, a boxed Pc version, 35 additional stages, translation into 3 additional languages and a physical collectors edition.