Reverie World Studios has changed direction with Kingdom Wars 2: Battles, by featuring Zombies in this newly released large scale medieval strategy game.

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles breaks new ground by bringing zombie survival gameplay to medieval strategy genre. In this large scale strategy game, fearuing epic storytelling and complex crafting, players will engage in brutal siege combat, fighting each other, as well as thousands of Zombies.

“Bringing Zombies to large scale RTS game has never been attempted before, and we think it really breaks new ground for Strategy genre. Building huge medieval castles, and defending them against thousands of Zombies – is as much fun as it sounds. Especially if  other players are working against you in a PvP battle, using mindless Zombies to their advantage”, said Konstantin Fomenko, Reverie World CEO.

Experience this unique gameplay in Kingdom Wars 2: Battles. This epic siege combat RTS, features battles between large cities, and thousand strong armies. War leaves hundreds dead on the battlefield, and unless players take their time to loot, and burn the bodies – the dead will rise. Use Zombies in your strategy by leaving dead near enemy towns, but lock your town gates at night – as Zombies know no banners, no friends or foes.

Get Early access via Steam in the store over here.