In just three days, Anna’s Quest, the fairy tale adventure game for PC & Mac, launches. Today, Daedalic has published a video interview with Australian game designer Dane Krams, Anna’s “spiritual father”, so to speak.

Krams, the mind behind Anna’s Quest, conceived and did much of the work on the game, which Daedalic is pleased  to have helped bring to completion. Daedalic developers like Gunnar Bergmann (The Whispered World) and Nick Noah (The Night of the Rabbit, Goodbye Deponia) and about a dozen others worked with Dane in Hamburg to make his vision a reality.

In the video, watch Dane talk about the creation of Anna’s Quest and why witches (especially those that kidnap and eat kids) are so important to his game.

Anna’s Quest will hit Steam and GOG for PC/Mac/Linux on July 2nd – with other distribution platforms to follow.