Alternative Software let us know that Tiny Explorers, developed by RedBee is coming soon. Tiny Explorers is a super brand new free to play game, designed for smartphones and tablets created especially for youngsters Tiny Explores allows youngsters to play in an exciting virtual world full of adventure and imagination.

The game is set during the summer holiday of the main characters, who start out on an exciting mysterious adventure. Each character has its own very distinct appearance and mood, so that the player can choose the character that most appeals to them, and then play as that character during the game. None of the characters will “die” if they fail to do a task; which ensures that young players will not get needlessly frustrated by having to start a level of the game all over again.

The game consists of 30 levels, each of which is a stunning colourful 3D visualisation. Tiny Explorers is super arcade romp adventure, letting players walk, jump, run and escape from the baddies, whilst collecting points. In this fun game – young players will get to explore many levels, whilst working out how to use the many objects that are available to collect.

Both Android and iOS versions will be due out soon.